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About Maricela

Maricela is a young California entrepreneur who likes to challenge herself and the people she works with. She has been in the insurance marketplace for over a decade, primarily focusing on helping the senior communities in the Inland Empire with their Medicare Health Insurance needs.


Maricela became involved in the Medicare insurance segment by complete accident. As it happens, her parents, Maria and Felix, were both Turning 65 and were ready to retire. They came to her for help and guidance since she was already successful in the insurance industry; selling life, health and property and casualty insurance as co-owner of Cisneros Insurance, one of the largest insurance agencies in the Inland Empire.


Maricela's parents trusted her and knew she could be the one to do the research to assist them in their search for answers. Maricela realized there was a need for knowledgeable Medicare agents in her area. Her parents couldn't possibility be the only people struggling to understand the Medicare process and how to enroll. She did the research, training and licensing necessary to help her parents, and now she helps her current and new clients make the transition to Medicare. 


Maricela is the proud mother of 3 young girls. She loves to travel the world and try new foods, learning what she can from different cultures. Maricela is an advocate for health and fitness and promotes living well. She's a yoga fanatic who enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach, and camping. 

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